Bag Design Services

Bag Design Services

We are a bag design Consultancy that can listen to your product idea or business plan – and convert that into a detailed bag design and then arrange manufacture of both prototypes and mass production for you.

Everything start with good idea – so you can call us to discuss your idea in confidence.

The next step of course is to check your idea is a good one and people want to buy it – so research into the market and competitors is key to starting the process with confidence.

We offer you proven marketing based disciplines to research new market areas with a knack for designing commercial and appealing bespoke bags to order.

You will need a strong visual identity and purpose for your new brand – and excellent technical execution to make a practical, stylish and attractive product.

This is the process we follow to design and manufacture a Bag

You can select the services you want..

1. Consultation

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Some clients have a very clear idea what the product is they want to make – with drawings and market research ready to support their idea.

Other clients have a gut instinct and maybe some market research, but only have vague ideas what the product will be like.

We offer you the opportunity to have a confidential consultation with an expert.

In a consultation session – we listen to your objectives, discuss the market research, look at the options for shape, form, function & styling for the product – and study the competition in the marketplace with you. Read more. E-mail us for our Consultation Document.

2. Market Research

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Market research with real world numbers, product analysis and comparative brand positioning can help you check if your idea will appeal to target customers.

As experts in bag and luggage development we have extensive knowledge of what is happening in the bag and luggage market.
We offer to give you the benefit of our in depth market knowledge and customised market research reports that you can share with investors and supporters.

3. Concepts

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This is when we create ideas and drawings that show what the product will look like, how it works, and includes a fully set of annotated drawings to explain how the product could work.

We generally create 3-5 alternative ideas to cover shape, form and function that you can choose from, and work with you to make sure you are happy with the final one you choose.

When you choose the best concept we will have the basis of the design, and can proceed to the detail phase…

4. Design

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At this stage we design & style the product in detail – inside, outside with all details including constructional details, fabrics and trims etc.

If you need amendments – no problem – we work with you to make the design perfect.

5. Specification

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Creating a specification ( or ‘tech pack’ as some people call it) is the document that can be used to create the first sample. This document is created so that any factory – anywhere in the world, can make the product with confidence.

The bag specification document might be over 20 pages long – it will include drawings, measurements, fabric and colour and trim specifications so the prototype can be made. 

6. Sampling

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We can arrange to make the prototypes, and get the fabrics, pricing and quality right for you. We can arrange manufacture in the UK, Europe or in the Far East – whichever suits your plans best.


7. Quality Control

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Once the product is refined through the testing process we need to get to the Gold sealing sample stage – this is the stage when the product is refined in every single way ready for production.

We offer to manage the quality of the finished production with factory visits.


8. Manufacture

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We can arrange the mass production for you.

We are happy to arrange for you to trade directly with the factory – we will take no cut of the costs so you save money and just pay us fees for our time – or we can be your ‘end to end’ supplier and manage the entire process and deliver the finished goods to you.

9. Shipping

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You are welcome to arrange your own shipping, insurance, duty payments, carriage (etc) or we can do all this for you for a fixed fee.

In summary – We offer you the option to buy specific steps of the process above, or we can organize the whole process in close liaison with you.

Please read more key points about what we can offer you below….

Gantt chart showing bag design planning and research stages

Planning and research

More about planning & research
  • Market & Product Research.
  • Analytical user research.
  • Merchandise and Range planning.
  • Cost Price and Profit Margin planning.
Bag design process drawings and screenshots


More about design
  • Concept and creation of the “Look” of collections to match defined consumer targets.
  • Design of bags and luggage.
  • Colour Trend recommendations and specification.
  • Ergonomics research and specification.
  • Design of all trims and fittings for bags from buckles to branding elements.
Identity creation - creating the look of a brand

Identity Creation

More about identity creation
  • Brand Name creation.
  • Creation of the aesthetic “Look of a Brand” and Emotional Branding values
  • Graphic & Trademark signature design.
  • Communication design – e.g. Brochures and Point of sale design and supply.
  • Point of sale packaging concepts and artwork.
Example of colour trend research for bag design

Colour, Fabric, Trim & Finish

More about colour, fabric, trim & finish
  • Colour trend research and recommendations.
  • Branding features such as badges and labels.
  • Textile Print and embroidery design (both placed designs and repeat designs).
  • Fittings, and aesthetically pleasing functional trim design.
Bag design product drawings

Specifications / Tech packs

More about specifications and tech packs
  • Full technical drawings of the product, (with measurements, fabrics colours and trims)
  • Fabric sourcing and specification.
  • Colour specification.
  • Trim and “furniture” technical specification.
  • Scale drawings of all critical parts with measurements, and materials specifications.
  • These Specification documents ( tech packs) mean you can get any suitable factory to make the product.


Use our confidential bag design services to turn your business and product objectives into finished commercial products

You can select from any of the services above (you are welcome to pick and choose what you need) with no obligation to buy the entire suite of services.