Bag & Luggage Manufacturing

We are not a factory ourselves – but we arrange to select the most suitable factory to create and manufacture your bag to meet the mix of quality, price, fabric and technicality to meet your commercial objectives.

As we are consultants we always act in your interests to manufacture the bag correctly – we are not tied to any particular factory so your interests come first.

Sampling bags / Prototyping

Red Tog 24 bag designed by Design-IQ
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We can arrange to manufacture a Bag prototype to order. If you already have a detailed design we can do the technical specifications ( some people call this a tech pack) – or we can create the technical specifications for you.
We can then arrange to manufacture a bag prototype, which you can then use for testing, fund raising and selling.

Product Development

Two men discussing bag product design
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The big difference between simply ‘a design’ and a successful commercial product is Product Development.

Product Development is key to successful Manufacturing as what works well as a hand made sample often does not translate to mass manufacture.

The reality of manufacture requires we work closely with Factory partners with diligence, respect and polite determination to get the mass produced product made just perfectly.


Example of quality control during bag manufacture
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When we are mass manufacturing a bag we set up practical procedures to supervise the quality of the bags.

We can arrange to engage external Quality Control ( QC) agencies or even do a personal site visit to supervise the production – as checking all the small details is what counts.

When launching a product the final stitched and constructional quality can make or break a commercial launch – so we recommend quality control is given the highest priority.