Bespoke Bag Hardware Design

We are professional bag designers who also design bespoke hardware finishing details for luggage and bag products.

Working with brand owners we learn about the brand values they want to express and we then design and develop bespoke hardware branding accessories to ‘dress and finish’ the functional and aesthetic details on bags, luggage and accessories.

From the brand badge to the zip puller, fastenings and linings and labelling we offer a comprehensive Concept to Design package and can offer to arrange manufacturing to help you give your brand a polished and confident finish to express your brand values through all the visual ‘touch points’ on your bag products.

We have many years of creative design skills and manufacturing experience in all kinds of materials from metal to plastic & silicone, from woven accessories to print patterns and graphics for all sorts of bag and luggage applications. So we can offer a very broad understanding of how to add value to the smallest details in bags and luggage using the most suitable materials.

When we are working with clients to design their bags ….we offer this bespoke hardware design service alongside the bag and luggage designs we do for them, but if you already have a bags and accessories collection and would like to work with a professional to create designer level bespoke finishing details to build into your bag collection, just give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.

During an initial call we can give you some guides as to what we can do, how we can do it and roughly how much it might cost before you make any commitments.

Email: Telephone: 01531-640118. WhatsApp: 07785350538

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