Example Of Client Projects

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Example of Client Projects

Customer Example 1: Fisher Outdoor leisure – Rack and Pac Commuter Bike bags.

Here is a fascinating project that we did for Fisher Outdoor Leisure. We were first approached by Fisher’ to discuss their ideas for developing some innovative Bike “Rack and Pac” bags that would be ideal for the Urban Commuter. By the next year they decided they would like to proceed with the project and asked us to do the concepts and design. This project required that we work alongside their developments for a novel “Bike Attachments” system. Our role was to create stylish and practical commuter bags with a host of novel “user driven” features and benefits to directly compete with the dominant players in this market.

We worked closely with the Product Manager at Fisher, and in a stage by stage measured process designed and then worked with the client to develop the samples. (The working Title at this point was “Yoso” which was later changed to Union 34.) The client then finalised the commercial production details in-house as our role in the creative process was by then complete.

This is a quote from the client regards how we conducted the project:

Guy worked on Fisher’s 1st project for the Union 34 brand where we gave him a challenging brief to deliver a range of cycling bag designs that could both fix onto a bike using our proprietary fixing systems and be easily adapted into everyday bags for wearing when off the bike too. As a keen cyclist he was quickly able to understood the concept and apply it to his extensive knowledge in creating backpack and shoulder bag designs. We have been very pleased with the results so many thanks for all your hard work, Guy”

We are now pleased that the launch range has been unleashed upon the market and you can now see the bags in the stores. See the video and some selected items from the development of the products below.

This is the “working logo we created for the project during development, the brand that was eventually launched was launched under the name “Union 34”.

Yoko logo

Design IQ - Fisher Example

Design IQ - Fisher Example drawing

Design IQ - Fisher Look1

Design IQ - Fisher Stripe1

Design IQ - Fisher Sleek2

Design IQ - Fisher Sleek2 colours

Design IQ - Fisher SleekTech

Design IQ - Fisher FabricsUnion 34 bagsunion 34 bags 2union 34 bags 3union 34 mail review

union 34 mail review 2


Customer Example 2

Outdoor Collection for Tog 24:

Design IQ - TOG24

Design IQ - TOG24 2

In 2006 we realized there was a place for “designer style level” private label Outdoor bags. Our research at this time showed that most retailers who had ‘private label’ bag collections were simply buying re-badged old styles by established mid market regional brands – such products only asset was their low price.

We had the insight to see was that if a retailer could offer a full size range of Outdoor backpacks with all the features, conviction and benefits of branded backpacks at a competitive price – then this could be a winning formula, giving the retailer higher margins and the customer good style and function for money.

Tog 24 were the first retailer to have the confidence and conviction to see this idea through to the shop shelves, and the Warp collection ( renamed ‘Quest’ and customized for Tog 24 with special swing tags etc ) was ordered. At the time of writing this these bags have now been selling for three years. Click for a picture of the full collection.

Design IQ - Tog24 11/12

Design IQ - TOG24 colour ways

Design IQ - TOG24 3


Customer Example 3
Women Specific Sports bags for sweatyBetty:Sweaty Betty

In 1999 the founder of Design IQ ( Guy Mathiot) observed that whenever he was asked by sports brands such as Puma to design sports kit bags and backpacks they would never accept his suggestion that they should let him design women specific sports bags.

Guy had a “designers insight” that there was a market for women’s sports bags. He felt that making a bag in pink was not the solution (!) – but that women had different demands and expectations of their sports equipment than men.

So he gave a project to one of his female team members to research the specific needs of women . The designs that Guy then did were taken by him to both retailers like Debenhams and brands such as USA Pro. They all liked the designs – but no deal was reached – so out of frustration he went ahead and sampled the designs ( over 6 samples for each style were made to just get one bag right!).

He then took them to show them to the founder of sweatyBetty who had one of the few women’s specific sports shop chains in the UK. They loved the designs and bought them badged “SweatyBetty” and continued to repeat the orders in various SweatyBetty specific guises.


Customer Example 4:

Hamster Pannier Bags.Pannier Bag
“Design, Develoment and supply of an innovative new product to help Mothers when shopping or traveling.”

In 2008 we were approached by an entrepreneur – Larissa Milanova, who had a clever idea for a bag to be used to carry shopping on a baby buggy.

We were asked to convert her concept and outline patent into a perfected design and secondly a functioning commercial product, then finally a delivered shipment of finished goods within a target price range.

So we researched the market for both competitor products and all possible methods of resolving the problem of “carrying shopping on a baby buggy without the buggy falling over when the child got out of the buggy”. The solution had to be packable, foldable,
lightweight, durable and easy to use, and fit on a wide variety of baby buggy’s.

After a series of designs and then samples we perfected a product that we are proud to see has had rave reviews by Mothers, retailers and Mother and Baby where it won the Gold Award for “Best New Innovation” 2010/11.

The work we did for Larissa has become a template for many of the projects we are doing now – an inventor has a clever idea but needs a creative and resourceful designer who understands textile products to design and bring it to life. Thats what we did here.
Pannier Bag 2
Well done Larissa, we  are proud to have been part of your brand Launch journey!

see: http://www.hamsterbags.co.uk



hamster bags designed by design iq 1_______________________________________________________________________________________

Customer Example 4:

Mountain Warehouse:

This growing budget outdoor UK retailer asked us to create a top selling basic budget backpack. We did exactly that and created a backpack that was manufactured for $usd3.8. It sold absolutely thousands and thousands and we produced it in a variety of fabrics and prints as well as the basic model that you see here on the right which was the top seller.

if you go for a walk anywhere in the UK now you will see this backpack design time and time again. The point about this design is that we can design complex designs but we can also create a single design that captures the look of the moment, has all the features you need and will sell so well that it becomes ubiquitous. Being commercial is something to be proud of.

mountain warehouse




These are just the examples of projects done for clients. They demonstrate how we identify market and consumer trends, and pro-actively work with clients to Design and Deliver attractive products for completelly different market areas. 

Our designs never sacrifice functionality,  we focus on what will be very commercial and sell well.