Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of trading

We write a contract for all projects – large or small so you know what to expect us to do, when we will do it, what we will deliver and how much money it will cost. No work starts until you are happy with everything.

  • Structure of payment:
  • If you are buying design or research services – we will simply charge Consultancy fees, which will be quoted in advance, and are payable in stages linked to the work. Every stage is separate and you can choose to simply buy the stages – step by step as you want – you do not have to sign a big contract – simply pay as you go.
  • If you buy manufactured bags from us – we will require staged payments e.g. Deposit and balance on delivery. You are also welcome to organise your own manufacturing.

Bottom line is we will be very clear about commercial issues. We believe that good business is best done by being “up front” and giving “no surprises”, so feel free to read a summary of our trading terms below.

Most of what is written below relates to “Design & Supply” services rather than “Design Only” services, but we hope you will see that our policy of transparency about business details shows a good, clear approach to business.

  • Your terms: If you have your own suppliers trading terms, we will work with your operational requirements, and let you know if there is anything we do not understand.
  • Our contract will be as we discuss by email, post or phone (and we will always confirm in a written summary afterwards to avoid any mis-understandings.)
  • Confirmation of order is when we have all of the following; receipt of your Purchase Order, specifications of any specific product requirements and cleared funds as a deposit.
  • Timing of delivery is always an estimate, which we endeavour to keep to within our powers.
  • If you want to change anything after an order has been placed we will do our best to do this – any extra costs because of changes will be charged back to you.
  • Design quantities; If you order for instance 10 designs and you choose 12 designs we will charge you ‘pro-rata’ for the extra designs.
  • Concepts work done for a client but then not used will remain our property, but if they are very like the final designs you choose we will not sell it to anybody else and keep your designs confidential.
  • Legal / Health and Safety: Client is responsible for ensuring goods designed meet Legal requirements including Health and Safety regulations in it’s markets, and we will work with you to help do this.
  • VAT and all duties or taxes are excluded from our prices and will be added as appropriate.
  • Carriage and insurance costs are excluded unless otherwise specified.
  • We supply the designs to the customer for the purpose agreed in the contract, and retain all design rights in any drawings or products until the end of a project when we can assign the rights upon final completed payment.
  • Shipping / Insurance: If you arrange your own shipping you are responsible for insuring the goods from the time you take possession of them till the time we receive your payment in full.
  • Special extras: If we have to order any special items for your goods (e.g. swing tags) we will add 15% as a purchase and administration fee to the cost of goods and carriage if we have to arrange their purchase and transport. If you supply them direct there is no extra cost.
  • Time of payment is of the essence to smooth process of orders, delivery of goods and documents.
  • You pay your bank charges and we pay ours. If your payment leads to a shortfall we will invoice you the balance due on the next invoice.
  • Interest is payable on late payments. If you might be late paying we will give you a polite reminder so you can avoid extra fees.
  • Timing / sample approval: Where an order is placed it is very likely to be “subject to sample approval” of sealing samples, if so estimated production dates are in turn subject to your approvals, so we recommend quick comments and approval of samples to keep to estimated delivery dates.
  • Strength: All textile products are subject to wear and tear. We as a matter of course endeavour to check the strength of products,. Formal testing of fabrics and performance and wear & tear characteristics can be done, if you request, at your cost.
  • The point of Delivery, regardless of the point of payment is when you or your agents take possession of the goods.
  • Title of goods passes to you on full and complete payment cleared to our bank account.
  • The quantity delivered will be as per our packing lists unless you advise us of any shortfalls within 5 working days of delivery. We recommend that you or your agents count the goods at delivery.
  • Risk / Insurance / quantities: If you want to collect goods direct from our factory’s we recommend that your agents count the goods at this point of delivery, as if this is not done our delivery note with the Bill of Lading will exclusively define the quantity delivered, as we cannot be responsible for the goods from that point forwards. All risk in the goods passes to the customer upon possession of the goods, and the customer is responsible for insurance from the point of possession.
  • Delays out of our control: While we will take every reasonable care, we are not responsible for any delays caused by events out of our control.
  • Disposal: In the event of non-payment we reserve the right to dispose of goods as we choose, after reasonable notice and charge any extra costs associated to the customer.
  • Acceptable mass manufacture variances: Due to the nature of mass manufacture we ask the customer to accept reasonable variance between the approval samples and the delivered goods.
  • We accept liability for any faulty goods above a percentage of goods agreed between us agreed at time of order. This will be 3% unless otherwise agreed.
  • We reserve the right to repair or replace faulty goods with the same goods or similar by arrangement with the customer. We will deliver any replacement goods to the same place as the original order.
  • In event of a split delivery for any reason the customer will be due to pay pro rata for what is delivered.
  • Solicitation: Customers agree not to solicit the services of any of Design IQ staff or working partners or suppliers for one year after we last traded together.
  • Only a Director of Design IQ can change any agreements between us in writing..
  • In event any one aspect of our contract is wholly or partly void or inappropriate the remaining provisions will continue in full effect.
  • Jurisdiction: All aspects of our mutual contract will be governed by the English Courts.
  • The terms above are shown here so customers can see transparently how we work. We hope you find them reasonable and fair, and welcome your comments. These terms will apply to any business unless otherwise specified in a contract between us.
  • Design Intellectual Property terms of trading are provided upon application. Basically we own all the IP we create – and we then asign that IP when the client has paid their fees in full. We maintain records of the flow of work so we can support clients in the event they have to defend their design rights in future. We work entirely within UK design rights law and are members of ACID ( Anti Copying In Design).
  • Full terms available on request.