Concept Designs for the Active Urban Commuter

Design IQ spend time researching new trends in the marketplace, and sometimes we develop sample prototypes to test and research different product types to evaluate market concepts.

Our market research that had shown there was potential for a ‘Active Travel Bag’.

We came up with ideas to create some concepts for Urban commuting bags for cyclists and active commuters who wanted to be able to carry clothing to the gym and fitness classes, alongside their laptop, documents and office equipment for mobile working.

The bags had to be versatile enough for one or two night ‘stay overs’ for people who had to take short trips for business without giving up on their fitness routines.

So we created two sophisticated backpacks that could carry what this user would need, and made sure they were comfortable even when fully loaded with very practical organisation inside.

The concept designs led to two bags. The first of which we called the ‘Airtecpac’ which had versatile internal storage for clothing and a unique lightweight and secure way of carrying a cycle helmet that could be adapted to carry other equipment. It featured waterproof zips and very organised internal compartments.

Urban commuter backpack design rear view
Close up rear view of urban commuter backpack

The second bag we called an ‘Adaptive’ – because it could be used as easily as a messenger style bag as well as a backpack.

The ‘Adaptive’ is a hybrid between a backpack and a messenger bag with easy access when the bags is on landscape mode (like a messenger bag) as well as in portrait mode (like a backpack).

Urban commuter backpack adaptive design

Above you can see it in backpack mode and below you see it in landscape ‘messenger’ mode.

Urban commuter backpack adaptive design

Both bags have very distinctive styling as well as very sophisticated internal organisation, using highly durable fabrics both inside and outside. All handles are crafted to be comfortable to fit in the hand with sharp edges eliminated – even the zip pullers are curved to fit around your fingers. In summary – every ‘touch point’ has been carefully considered.

These were only ‘first prototypes’ to test out ideas that we can then offer to integrate into projects that we do for customers- they demonstrate the intensity of thinking and planning we put into all projects.

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