How We Work

We are an experienced product Design company, specialising in designing bags, luggage and sewn consumer goods – we can design your product, make your prototypes and manage mass production. This is how we work.

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Firstly we need to ‘fact find’:


We offer 30 minutes discussion on the phone to discuss your objectives free of charge. During this call we can generally give you an idea of costs, timescale and how we would go about your project.


We need a brief – a summary of all the key details of what you want to make, what market it is targeted at, what the competitors in the market place are etc etc. So to help you write the brief we have a document we can send you that structures the information we need.


Some clients have a very clear idea what the product is they want to make – with drawings and market research ready to support their idea. Other clients have a gut instinct and maybe some market research and experience but have only vague ideas what the product will be like.

Which ever stage you are at – we offer you the opportunity to have a consultation with an expert to discuss your idea in detail – in confidence, so you can decide how to take the idea forward for a fixed fee.

In a consultation we listen to your objective, discuss the market research, look at the options for shape, form, function, styling for the product and study the competition in the marketplace with you. After the consultation you are welcome to take any of the ideas we propose and go to any supplier – or if you want you can hire us to take the project forward.

Email us on if you’d like more information.


If you already have market research in place – good! If not we can do product market research for you to qualify your idea.

Brief in detail and contract.

We need a brief that specifies the objectives, once we have that we can give you a firm price with a list if what we will do, when we will do it and how we will work with you. This then forms the contract, and the work can start.

All work we do will be quoted with fees in writing in advance – no surprises!

The start of work usually proceeds like as below depending on the stage your own ideas are to start with…..


This is when we create ideas and drawings that show what the product will look like, how it works, and includes a fully set of annotated drawings to explain how the product could work. We generally create 3- 5 alternative ideas that you can choose from, and work with you to make sure you are happy with the one you choose.

When you choose the best concept we will have the basis of the design, and can proceed to the detail phase…

2. Logo and visual Identity:

If you already have a logo and brand guidelines, we are happy to work with your own artworks and guides. If you would like us to design them for you just ask fo a quote.

3. Design in detail.

At this stage we design the product in detail – inside, outside and in all details including constructional details, fabrics and trims etc.

If you need amendments we just do what you need, no arguments.

4. Specifications.

Creating a specification ( or ‘tech pack’ as some people call it) is the document that can be used to create the first sample. This document is created so that any factory can make the product with confidence.

The document which might be over 20 pages long will include drawings, measurements, fabric and colour and trim specifications so the prototype can be made.

Each stage above is self contained – and you are not committed to anything more than the stage you have contracted us for, and can take the work we have done and go elsewhere if you like. We simply want you to be happy.

5. Sampling.

We can arrange to make the prototypes , and get the fabrics and pricing and quality right for you.

Once you have your prototypes the stages that follow are;

6. Testing and re-sampling.

We need you to test the product thoroughly – and let us know of any changes you need to make, then we can arrange new samples and you can test and do test marketing.

If you intend to do Crowdfunding you can use the samples to raise funds.

At this point you should be confident enough to be ready to place production orders.

7. Pre-Production:

Once the product is refined through the testing process we need to get to sealing sample stage, this is the stage when the product is refined in every single way ready for production.

8. Production:

Subject to appropriate commercial arrangements we can arrange the production for you, and also arrange the Quality Control.

We are happy to arrange for you to trade directly with the factory on your own, and we take no cut in the cost of goods – you just pay us fees for our work, or we can be your supplier and manage the entire process and we will earn in a transparent way on that transactions.

9. Shipping.

You are welcome to arrange your own shipping, insurance, duty payments, carriage etc or we can do this for you for a fixed fee.

In summary we offer you the option to buy specific steps of the process above, or we can organize the whole process in close liaison with you.