How We Help You

From an idea to a finished product
We are here to help you bring your product ideas to life – supporting you on the journey from an Idea to a finished Product.

if you need help to work out the details of your product, we offer bite sized packages of support that you can buy into to help in your planning…for instance;

  • You might want to discuss how we can ‘get it made’ – either in the UK, Europe or Asia.
  • Fabrics are often a subject customers want to discuss and you might want to know if we can design and make a bag in a particular fabric?
  • You might want help to calculate the potential profitability of your product
  • Or you might simply want an honest opinion on whether it’s a good idea in the first place!
  • We are used to customers wanting to keep their ideas private at first – so don’t worry – we can have a broad conversation about how we can help you without you telling us anything confidential.

We always make our first contact as informative as possible and make sure you can go away with enough information to choose what are the next best steps.

During a first call we can give you an idea of timing, process and costs right from the start.

In most initial contacts with a client we set out to establish these basic points;

  • What is it?
  • Have you done market research to prove the idea is good?
  • Have you worked out who the competition is?
  • How do you plan to sell it, and what are your ambitions for you new brand?

So just make an appointment for a free of charge 20-minute initial call, by emailing or calling + 44 (0)1531 640118.