Design philosophy

Design IQ is a practical and thoughtful design company. Guy Mathiot, the creative director of Design IQ says “I insist that every product that Design IQ develops is aesthetically pleasing, elegant or has a certain ‘flow’ to it’s appearance.”

“I am impatient with design that does not work – and am my own toughest critic when I see a design on paper or a sample that does not work well. Everyday we seek to be better at what we do and love to meet the end customers face to face and hear about their experience with our bags – that way we can evolve products season on season and create products we are proud of.”

“We subscribe broadly to the Ten principles of good design by Dieter Rams – basically we believe in aesthetically pleasing purposeful design.”

“We work hard with our suppliers and customers as a team to get the price ‘just right’ and consider the smallest details in light of both aesthetics and cost with the same attention to detail. The end objective is to make a product we are confident will sell, and represent the clients brand narrative.”

“With every new project we start from the perspective – “what do you what the customer to experience and benefit from your product?”. At the beginning of the design process we need to understand what your brand’s narrative will be – this is very important. We seek to learn about the clients channels to market, and what competitive advantage you seek long before we get involved in the styling.”

“Our objective is to understand the design objectives in the users terms  – and then we can design with confidence that we hitting the commercial objectives while we ( have fun!) doing the design itself.”

“The design process we generally go through is explained under “How we Work” on this web site – but basically we seek to learn about the clients commercial objectives – what they want to supply the end customer with and how they want the designs to solve their problems. Only after we have throughly done our groundwork do we start designing.”

“We believe that a process of team work with the client produces the best results- so our methods of working are very “step by step” involving the client all along the way.”

“Once we have created a product for a client the best sight we ever see is a customer in the high street using one of our bags… and the best commercial result is a trade customer who places repeat orders because of good ‘sell through’.”

Business Philosophy

Design IQ believe good business is “no surprises” business . You will find our style very direct and to the point. We do not hide anything and we set out to make sure you know what is involved at every stage so you can be confident you can afford the project from the start. We put everything in writing in advance and you can challenge us about any aspect.

Bottom line is we will be very clear about commercial issues, are open to discuss what suits you best, and will agree everything ‘up front’ with you so everything about what we are going to do – when we are doing it and what will be delivered is transparent in advance. We will treat you the way we would like to be treated ourselves.