Today is our Anniversary of starting Design IQ in 1985. Since we started – we have designed everything from fashion clothing and sports clothing such as printed skiwear, football apparel and shin pads, promotional products for games companies, merchandise for big brands such as Coca Cola and Formula One teams to technical running and outdoor apparel and women’s fitness kit, tents and technical outdoor bags and luggage and gadget bags for IT kit…!
The variety of things we have designed, and brands we have worked for feels amazing when we look back.

As designers we love change and variety – which is why over the years our experience has evolved from our foundation in fashion clothing and developed along a fascinating path via a lot of different production and textile technologies to bags, luggage and a wide range of textile products – which is where most of our activities are today.

In the last two years we have experienced a substantial upswing in the number of projects being done for innovative start up companies where our real life commercial experience of working from market and product concept design all the way through to product specification, sampling and managing production – to delivery of the final product to clients has been our main focus.

Looking forward in 2016 we are enjoying the fun and challenges of working on a very diverse portfolio of client projects where our commercial experience and down to earth advice can help clients bring new and exciting brands to market.

We would like to thank all the customers, colleagues and suppliers who have been with us on various stages of this journey. You are the people who have made our current skills and experience possible.
On on!