One week on from the Referendum in the UK…
In the aftermath of the ‪#‎Brexit‬ vote – we, like many others, are feeling a little bit shocked. Maybe it’s just our enterprising mindset, but within minutes of the reality setting in we were thinking hard about the new opportunities this had opened up.

We’ve had a wide range of ideas about new products – and narratives to support them that we can develop around stories of British innovation and resurgence.
But we now have to face the reality that the £ has been devalued. However, that in itself offers exciting opportunities to do production in the UK that were less viable before; and for sure our overseas customers will like the fact our fees will have devalued too!

One of our first concerns was the impact that this would have on the confidence of our design and development clients – but, since the vote last week we have had not one but two new clients come on board with new and novel product ideas that they want us to design and develop!

We think this proves the point that – if you have a good product idea supported with a rational and enterprising business plan then the “world remains your oyster”!
So, in the last week following the vote in the UK, we have not seen any slow down at all in the surge of enterprising people wanting us to develop products for them.

These people are spending their own money on ideas and have carried out good solid market research and therefore they believe that they can make it happen with a bit of help from experienced and enterprising designers like ourselves. “On On!” is all we can say!