Where to invest your money?

Is it better in these days of ‘next to nothing’ returns from the banks to tuck your money away in savings – or invest in your own bright idea’s, hire a professional to help you develop it ready for the market and – yes – “take a risk” that your ideas about the market are good.

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It’s Autumn and photo shoot time!

We are launching a new product – and the leaves are falling, colours are bright and days are crisp – perfect for a photo shoot tomorrow. We are working with a keen runner on a running shoot so catching her as she rushes past could be tricky!

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A wide variety of projects

In the last few months we have been involved in a wide variety of projects - from designing running bags, to creating tool bags... to solving impact protection systems for carrying liquids to designing clothes carrying systems. All of these projects are confidential...

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Welcome to the New Design IQ Website

This is our new blog on our new responsive website - we took far too long to get around to making the website "responsive" so you can read it on a mobile device - but at last it is here! Any comments, criticisms, suggestions or even praise are welcome!

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We have moved!

After some years of being based in the lovely countryside of Wiltshire, we have decided we preferred to be somewhere a bit more exciting! We have re-located into the centre of the European Green Capital 2015 with a move to Bristol in the UK. We are now settled into...

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Latest Projects

We have recently completed projects designing Boarding bags, School bags, Yoga bags and Fitness bags. Busy Busy!

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