The pet industry is booming

PATS Trade Show 2020 Over the last few years we have received 4-8 enquiries a year from potential clients who want us to design pet products. So, to make sure that we are on trend we have been keeping a close eye on the pet marketplace! The pet marketplace is growing...

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Design IQ Review of 2019

With a New Year underway it’s a great time to get our heads focused and actually implement those plans we have had bubbling away for months and maybe years. In just our first week back to work we have had two clients come back to us who we had long discussions with in...

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Should I get a Professional Designer to Design my bag?

Well the obvious answer you’d think would be Yes. If you ask for advice you would be told - “if you can afford a bag design professional to do a design for you, you'll definitely get a better design”. But you might be worried about cost? We know that it can seem to be...

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Should I wait until after Brexit to launch my new bag?

For entrepreneurs in the UK it’s too easy to get caught in the Brexit headlights. This means that you let the uncertainties stop you from taking action on your business ideas. Every day we hear tales of stress, argument and counterargument in the news – and it’s very...

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How much does it cost to make a prototype bag?

When you look in stores most bags seem pretty cheap don’t they? Surely, it can’t cost much to get a bag made, can it?

After all, you can get your bag manufactured for a few dollars if you outsource to China, can’t you?

Of course you can, but manufacturing your design, ready for sale, is right at the very end of the design process. The hard work has already been done.

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Is my new bag design likely to sell?

It's a question I am frequently asked when people bring their bag design ideas to me. In reality, there's no way to be 100% certain but I always reflect on the wise words of an “Angel Investor” who said to me a decade ago “ I will invest in business’s that will solve...

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