First orders for the best Doctors’ bag designed by Design IQ

The 7th of February was such a big day! This was the day our customer took her very first order. It was so exciting to get her message that she had taken the very first order for her clever Doctor’s bags that we had designed for her.

We could feel her excitement and were just as thrilled as she was – after a lot of hard and diligent work our customer had the first order for her collection of wonderful ladies’ doctors’ bags.

This is the day we work for with all our customers – the day when all the ideas, plans, designs, samples and organisation comes together to create a product that will sell because it’s a great design and a clever idea.

So what is a “ladies’ Doctor bag?!

Our customer is called Iyasu Bags. They had a “market observation” that Doctor’s bags were pretty boring, designed for men and really not the sort of thing any woman would really want to use ‘day to day’ in her work as a GP or health practitioner.

Our customer knew what it was like – she had worked a long time as a GP and wanted to buy an environmentally responsibly, non animal products bag, to help with her work, that looked stylish and was practical inside.

When she described her objective “A fashionable and ethically made bag for lady doctors that she could be proud of” we started by doing Design Concepts. We called upon our years of experience as fashion designers – and created a small range of elegant designs that had a huge amount of attention to detail inside them. Every pocket inside was designed carry the specialist items a Doctor needs- from a Blood Pressure Monitor to stethoscope to syringes and sample bottles – alongside a laptop and documents. (It’s amazing what a GP has to carry when visiting a patient!)

With the designs done we had to then arrange the prototyping – and our customer did consumer testing and gave us feedback so we could refine the designs. Our job was then to make sure the factory made every single detail just as we wanted it. We also wanted the best standards for the new brand so we also designed all the brand hardware on the bags (metal zip pullers, brand badge, feet on the bottom of the bags, studs, fastenings. – even fancy quilting echoing the logo!) These were going to be top of the range, plush bags that would be ‘designer handbag’ level in their finishing and elegance.

We then managed all the production, the quality control and the shipping – it sounds quick and easy to say this – but it was a lot of work done in partnership with a most excellent factory that really cared and understood what we wanted.

We arranged for the first bags off the production line to be flown to the IYASU bags office straight away off the production line so they could start taking orders straight away. So when the first orders came in we were all excited.

Then last Thursday 27th February was also really exciting – the first shipment of bags were delivered to Felixstow Port. After a lot of hard work the bags we had designed for our customer had been manufactured, shipped and delivered safely to the UK.

This is the big day we look forward to with every client – the day when all the ideas, discussions, sketches, designs , specifications and samples comes to it’s conclusion and the mass production is delivered to the customer.

( Just give us a call or send a message if you are looking for a designer who can turn your ideas into reality.)

We are so excited and proud of the collection we have created for our customer – here is their web site – please take a look and see what you think?

Instagram: iyasubags.