It’s a question I am frequently asked when people bring their bag design ideas to me. In reality, there’s no way to be 100% certain but I always reflect on the wise words of an “Angel Investor” who said to me a decade ago “ I will invest in business’s that will solve somebody’s pain”. Ask yourself – does your product idea “solve somebody’s pain or problem?” If it does – great!

Is your idea a good idea?

Guy Mathiot, Bag designer and transformer of ideas
Guy Mathiot, Bag designer and transformer of ideas

You’ve been looking high and low for a bag that does X – but you can’t find one. Then you think – “Hey! It can’t just be me that needs this, should I design one myself”?

You search Google again – you check Amazon – you “ask a friend” and still you can’t find a bag that does what you want. 

“Bingo!” You think you’ve got a great bag and business idea. Now, what should you do next?

I have an idea for a new bag design – what’s next?

Here’s where you need to think laterally – very laterally.

We want you to have the best chance to make a product that solves somebody’s problems. If you can do that – and nobody has beaten you to it – you’ll have a competitive advantage.

Bag design sketch

The first step is to be very through, making sure your design idea has not been done before. Try checking different ways of saying the same thing, check different (poor!) spellings of the same thing, check using Google images and keep going till the 3rd page.

You might find some bags that are similar to your idea, but nothing the same! You might find that someone a long way away has already made a product that solves the same problem. Could this be a problem for you? 

Outdoor leisure bag with laptop slot

Well, if their solution is different to your’s then all you need to do is check the company out and make a judgement. Are they a threat to your new business? If it looks like they are a small company, based a long way away, and don’t look like they will sell in your home market then you’re likely to be OK.

Even if you think they might be about to launch in new markets you can still win.

How? You make your’s better! Get a good designer with a solid track record and develop a good marketing plan and you’re on your way.

Next Steps

Give us a call on (0)1531 640118 or email to discuss your idea – in confidence. If your idea might be patentable we can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect you and your idea.

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Good luck with your plans!