Design IQ Ltd recommend these three books to help you launch your own bag brand.

We would like to help you build your own bag brand, and so we would like to share some ideas about books you can read to build your knowledge.

In the old saying “No man is an Island” – so we like everybody else learn by listening to other people….

Over the years we have read books that have guided our thinking on Design and the ‘marketing orientated thinking’ that supports our approach to product design here at Design IQ.

Here are three of the most influential books we have read, and would recommend to any of our customers.

Why She Buys. By Bridget Brennan

A really easy to read ‘bite sized’ introduction to why women buy what they buy – and the consumer power the female consumer represents. While this book focusses upon the female consumer – quite frankly the principles introduced in the book apply just as well to any gender mindset. A really practical introduction to how to understand your customers motivations, interests and how to learn how to ensure sure your brand message and products genuinely meet your chosen customer’s needs. We found this very helpful as we developed the digital presence for a niche brand of women’s specific sports bags.

Do/ Purpose. Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more. By David Hieatt.

I met David when I went to pitch our design our design services to him in the earlier days of his Howies brand. A very passionate man ahead of his time who has flourished as ethical brands have grown in importance.

So this book is written by the marketing and copywriting guru behind the lifestyle brand “Howies” and the Do lectures. This author is a modern marketing truth teller. Read and learn how to focus your brand on what your customer really wants by being genuine with a core mission and purpose.

How to set up and run a fashion label? By Toby Meadows

So you want to make your own bag brand? – this book should be standard issue to every fashion design student, but is as informative to a long-term industry insider as it is to a student due to the clarity with which this is structured. This is a real ‘nuts and bolts’ breakdown introduction to how to build a fashion brand. It assumes no prior knowledge and is packed with practical information. Each chapter is a lesson in all the stages and information you need to establish your own brand. With plenty of real-life examples it really helps teach you step by step how to start your own brand. Don’t even think about it – buy it!

We do not receive any benefits for recommending these books – our opinions are our own.