So you have a great bag idea – now you want to get it made – so you need a professional bag Designer to do professional design drawings for you?

But only you know what you want – so explaining your ideas to somebody in the textile industry can be daunting – here is a guide to how to explain your idea to a professional designer.

The most important part in getting this done is writing “the Brief.“

The purpose of the brief is to explain your idea, describe the purpose of the product, what it will do, the target customer and why anybody would want to buy it.

A designer will need to know some specific things, and some designers are better at getting to know what their customers want better than others – but you are the one who is going to pay for it. So here are the key things you need to get clear in your own head – and make sure you have explained to your designer.

No matter how nice your designer is – a designer is not clairvoyant or a magic mind reader! It is your responsibility to communicate your ideas and it’s best not to assume the designer will understand your vision – so let’s list the KEY things you need to explain, so you get a excellent design and a commercial product at the end of the day.

  1. What is it you want to make?
  • Is it a handbag, a backpack, a trunk a travel bag ? Keep it simple – what is it most alike? Use examples of other products that already exist to explain what you want to make.
  1. What market and customer is it for?
  • Describe the customer, (literally – who is she/ him, what job they do, where they live, what is their profession is and what do they love and hate?) Try and ‘paint a picture’ of the target customer.
  • Explain the marketplace you want to sell into. Give the designer web links to examples of the lifestyle and other companies selling into the marketplace.
  1. What will be special or different about it?
  • Stand back and be clear – what is the key point of difference about your bag? Is it the way you wear it? Is it similar to other things in the marketplace, but it’s just going to be more fashionable? Is it the way it can carry a variety of things unique for a particular profession? Is it for a different gender? Is it the decoration or fabric it is made of? Is it going to be very versatile and modular? Whatever it is – be clear about your vision and ambitions.
  1. Who are the competitors?
  • Give your designer web links to any competitors. It’s your responsibility to be through and do really good market research.
  • No direct competitors? You might not think you have any direct competitors – but the chances are your idea is a bit similar to something – so list the products or even services that do something that relates to your product.
  • You can hire a market research company to find competitors for you – but we suggest you do this yourself – you can always ask a friend to help as well so do lots of lateral thinking. You never know what you are going to find. Share the results with your designer. Be thorough and prepared to refine your own ideas if you find a direct competitor. If there is a direct competitor study what they are doing and try and find an angle they have missed. Gather together a summary of the retail prices of related products.
  1. Why would anybody want to buy it?
  • Be honest. What is your bag offering? What problem does it solve?
  • If one of your answers is it is simply going to be ‘cheaper’ – forget it. This is not the foundation for a new successful product led business.
  • What is your elevator pitch? (How would you describe it super simple terms in the time it takes to go up a few levels in an elevator). If you have to use fancy words you have failed. All you need to say in an elevator pitch is “what does it do for me?”.

These are only a few of the things you need to write in your brief, but they are the key points that tell the designer what their target is.

In summary;

What it is, What problem does it solve? What will be special about it? What is the marketplace and Why would anybody want to buy it?

If your designer only wants to talk about the design details – they are just a technician – instead get a designer who understands how design is a crucial part of the mix in your business plans.

Design IQ.

We are designers who know that creating the product is essentially about solving problems to make people’s lives easier, and more delightful.

If you are looking for a Designer who will listen sympathetically, has the creative and technical skills and contacts to turn your ideas into a commercial product and most importantly make you money – give us a call.

The first step is to have a chat – and we have a briefing document ready that we can send you after we have listened to your plans.

Oh! Just one other detail – you might be worried about sharing your ideas with a designer at first. Firstly we are professionals and never disclose prospective customers ideas with anybody else – and if your ideas might be patentable we are happy to sign a two way NDA with you. We can offer you one free of charge.

We hope this guide to How to Brief your Designer has been helpful to you.

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