During these unprecedented times, a lot of businesses have had to shut down or furlough their staff. Whilst it is an uncertain and scary time for many business owners, we are pleased that we can reassure customers that Design IQ are still fully operational in a ‘working from home’ capacity. We are fortunate that due to the nature of our business that remote consultations can easily take place – via Skype, WhatApp and WeChat.

So in the last three weeks we have been chatting to customers far more by video.. and our suppliers both in the UK and Far East are adapting to a more ‘person to person’ approach. Far East suppliers are back up and running and UK suppliers are experiencing a boom in interest.

First and foremost, we wish everyone to be in good health and safe. We are taking all necessary precautions amidst the circumstances – so all samples that arrive from our factories and fabric suppliers have been quarantined before we bring them into the office.

We are actively speaking to new clients who have new product development (NPD) ideas – some of whom have had clever new ideas that have come out of experience of the Coronavirus pandemic. Other customers are looking ahead to how there might be a baby boom (!) after it’s all over …and have come up with clever parenting bag ideas.

So, if you have an idea for a product innovation that could solve a problem, or just want to make “something beautiful that works” – we would welcome your enquiry and would be delighted to offer our extensive experience in design, prototype, manufacturing and production of bags and luggage.

How we can help you during the pandemic: 

• Bespoke Bag Design Services including; planning and research, design, identity creation, colour, fabric, trim & finish, and specifications so you can make your first prototype with confidence.

• Bag & Luggage Manufacturing including; sampling bags and prototyping, product development and Quality Control. 

Whilst we understand the worldwide impact of Covid-19, or C-19, does have an impact on the supply chain, we are well placed to help you get your idea off the ground through the important phases of planning, design and sampling – which are done step by step over weeks or months in collaboration with each client.

Design IQ has worked with leading brands and retailers across the sports, baby, healthcare, yoga, travel and outdoor fitness sectors. We also offer a fixed fee consultancy service for people who just want to “talk their idea through” with an industry professional – with no obligation to buy our creative services.

If you have an idea that solves a problem in today and tomorrow’s world, please use our free resources to learn more about what we can do for you, and use our contact form to book a consultation.

Good Luck & keep safe and well – we look forward to being of help to you.