Yes – superficially….

Using AI you can pretty easily ‘create’ pictures of something, that on the surface looks like what you have described with words.

You can write a paragraph or two into an AI image generator – and ‘lo and behold’, a minute later you have some ‘beautifully rendered’ pictures of your idea.

Keep on trying and it’s remarkable what AI design can do…

But there are severe limitations…

Let’s start with an example; here are the words we used to generate the images above.

Dog travel bag made of canvas and leather, with large top opening, two side pockets. One side pocket will hold a water bottle and folding water bowl, the other pocket will hold a dog poo bag, and the front pocket will have the dog’s name (Toto) on it. There are hand handles and the shoulder strap will be removable. The inside of the bag will hold a rolled-up dog bed, and dog food in cans and small plastic boxes. The bottom of the bag will be made of leather and the bag will have wheels at one end. The colour will be sage green with darker sage green leather”.

So what you get from AI on the surface of it is “a Dog Travel Bag”…. and that Dog looks cute huh?!

The bags look like a cross between every other basic travel bag and a picnic bag.

Yes, the bags look like they could carry the essential goods for a dog travel bag, but so could a Tote shopping bag! There is nothing that goes beyond ‘skin deep’ in these pictures…

Let’s look closer ……

The dog bed is too small, the paw print patches are as kitch as hell, the shape is clumsy, (the styling is very masculine – why did it assume the customer has these tastes?), the pockets are fussy and impractical, the lid does not fit on one of them, the bags will be really heavy with all those leather wing-dings …..the list goes on.

But you might say “AI only gives ideas” . Well here is the catch – there are no new ideas in these pictures at all. It’s a hotch-potch.

The catch in the technology is it will only give you something that is an amalgam of what is already in the marketplace.

If you only want a “me too” product – like some copy on Amazon – then AI is perfect for you.

If you want a well-thought-through design that solves the problems that dog owners have when travelling with their pets then you need some human thinking power – a sharp eye for the competitive marketplace and design experience.

You need a designer who can think through the brand identity, practicalities, and functionality – and then design appealing products that are not fussy that you can be proud of.

The product needs to be manufactured to a sensible price and most likely made of ethically sourced materials so it can be sold to a discerning customer who loves their dogs – as much as they hate being patronised by brands who think they will buy anything with a dog paw logo on it.

Your dog bag brand will need its own brand identity, durable low impact ethically sourced fabrics, stylish trims, fittings and fastenings, and pockets that are the right size and shape to fit all the containers of food and equipment you want to fit inside. The bag needs to be appealing and be cleanable.

Yes, designing a product takes more than just writing a description and leaving it to a software machine.

So sure – test out some ideas on AI – then when you need your business idea turning into a stylish bag that will work, be appealing and distinctive enough to sell to discerning and demanding customers – give us a call. We are professionals whose brains are wired by nature to be inventive – we have been coming up with fresh ideas time and time again for years. We enjoy being inventive and do more than just answer a jumbled description written into an AI bot. As the example shown – the AI machine can simulate – but not beat a professional designer yet.

Oh and of course – we can get what we design made a prototype for you as one seamless service.

Give us a call to discuss how to create a new bag to solve a customer’s problem – we will enjoy creating some original ideas for you.

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